Joanna's and Frey's story

Life brought me together with unique cats. And now my cats help me to meet with unique people. Today I want to tell about my friend Joanna from Warsaw. This cheerful girl is the world champion in cycling. She not so long ago finished her sports career and now she and her husband Arthur are searching for adventures and loyal friends. She does not cease to amaze me: so tender and gentle she treats her cat Freya, how much she is interested to show her at the exhibition, how easily she from a modest and shy cat brought up a confident companion who travels with its owners.

Joanna has a blog especially for Freya - She exhibited Freya at RUI show in Kiev and FIFE in Slupsk. She also helped realize my old dream - we did together a beautiful calendar with our cats.

Joanna wrote her story:

Ciszewska JoannaWhen I won 2015 the World Championships in 12 hours Cross-Country MTB in Weilheim, Germany, I knew, that I will retire. Certainly not completely retire in training, but in competing. At least, for a long while 😊.

It means that we (me and my husband, who is also my trainer and head of my sports team) already at the end of May 2015 knew that we will have more time for having a little friend: cat.

At this time, I read a very interesting press article about cats: German scientists investigated the differences in the DNA of purebred cats and mongrel cats: they considered, that purebred cats have different DNA responsible for: coat color, aggression and… gratitude.

It was for us big surprise: especially that you can hear or read everywhere that between bred cats and outbred cats there are no differences!

But, of course, there are differences. And they are significant.

First of all, the level of aggression and gratitude is the main thing, which is responsible for a great, friendly and loving relationship with your pet. I don’t want to say, that „normal” cats will never be your best friend – yes, many of them will. But not all.

And I think if you decide to take care of a little creature for the next almost 20 years – it should be your duty to be fully responsible for your decision and choose one for who you are 100% sure, that you will care for the next 20 years. I didn’t know if I would be able to take care of an aggressive cat. So I decided to show myself responsible and start looking for a little friend – a Russian Blue.

I researched for the character the expectations of the russian blue cats: it was immediately sure for me - it must be an RUS! 😊

Then, I started looking for a responsible breeder. I live in Poland, so I looked first, of course, in Poland. But I couldn’t find. ☹ I want also like to point out, that price did not play a role – nevertheless you buy one cat in almost 20 years! Even cars or flats and houses You sometimes buy more than once every 20 years! 😉

After more than a year of searches, I decided to look for "my kitten" abroad.

The Boyard cattery I found absolutely by chance. But I almost immediately knew that Boyard is the cattery I was looking for. Especially when Ekaterina said, that she will not sell a kitten to Poland. 😉

But it was for me nothing „bad”, rather, on the contrary: I was really impressed, that I meet a breeder for who the care of his kittens is more important than money!

Ekaterina has doubts about the fact, that we are living so far away, that perhaps the contact with us will be not so easy, and the kitten will have a very long journey to the new home and will experience stress.

Joanna and FreyShe asked me about everything (almost 😉), and I always answered: why the Russian Blue, why generally a cat, why we are looking for a cat in Ukraine…

But what she exactly noticed, I suppose 😉, that I am really stubborn to convince her to sell us one of her kittens, and she agreed.

Because of legal restrictions, the necessity of titration we had to wait for Frey until she was 6 months old. But I do not regret! I will do it again!

I didn’t know, I didn’t suppose, that a cat can be so special, so unique! That you can find so much love, so much tenderness and affection in one, grey, little, green-eyed creature!

The caress and niceness which give us the little, cute, Frey, is unmeasurable. She never makes any troubles, she never disappointed us, she never destroyed anything. In fact, I have no words to describe how special, little friend may be a Russian Blue.

Therefore, dear reader, I can only advise you: look for your own Russian Blue. Your life will become better. 😉

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