• Axiom

    Russian blue

    Emerald green eyes and silver coat
  • Есения

    Russian blue

    These cats are very clever and have a wonderful intellect
  • Урсула

    Russian blue

    Very elegant green-eyed cats
  • Nicole

    Russian blue

    Quite restrained, moderately active cat
  • Дарс

    Russian blue

    Cat Boyard was the one of the first representatives of the breed
  • Тириана

    Russian blue

    In Russia, it was considered, that russian blue cats bring happiness
  • Аманда

    Russian blue

    This breed is a natural - it was not bred specifically

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  • Liudmila Tropotiaga

    Liudmila Tropotiaga

  • Ekaterina Toptunova

    Ekaterina Toptunova

  • Lesia Smykovskaia

    Lesia Smykovskaia

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